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Personalised Keycards - made easy!

Personalised Keycards Made Easy!

It's as Simple as 1-2-3!

1 - Call and Order   Call us and place an order.

Our knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you may have regarding these

and any of our other card ideas including loyalty and gift cards.


2 - Design & Production    We have a dedicated team of award winning

designers, and full production facilities for all types of cards.

You can send us files from your designers or we can create a design specifically for you.

Personalised cards can be based on your Hotel logo or other images of your choice.

Hotelkeycards can work from headed note paper, business cards, photos and brochures

as well as computer files.


3 - Delivery We will have the cards delivered right to your door.

   Call Glyn now   +353 - 66 - 712 - 3842


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The Hotelkeycards Advantage:

Quantity - As low as 2000!

Compatible - Our key cards are suitable for all standard keylock systems.

Design - Hotelkeycards can offer the experience of our award winning design team

with a wealth of experience in both card design and supporting marketing material.

Fast - Our card production facilities are 100% dedicated to the production of cards,

minimising production times.

Sponsored Cards - Potential exists for promotional tie-ins. Some of the examples

above include sponsored cards. Such cards offer a potential revenue stream.

At the least, card costs are covered.


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